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What should you be eating to get that pre-summer glow on your skin?

Increase in the daylight and the raising temperature levels make us think about the upcoming summer. The past weekend here in London definitely made us very excited about the summer, can’t believe it was already 25 degrees in April. Now that the weather is slightly cooler again (still lovely!) it’s good to have a look at what foods we should be including into a diet for that amazing summer time glow we all want when those dress and short weathers hit us again!

Our skin is the place that quite literally shows how our bodies are feeling and what we are digesting. If we are not absorbing enough nutrients from the foods we eat our skin goes haywire. Below are a few things to include to a diet to make sure you’re a step closer to that glow. These foods among others contribute to healthy, glowing skin …. 

1. Avocados

Avocados are naturally high in fibre that eases digestion. Avocados are also packed with good fats that reflect to healthy hormones making the skin look nice and healthy. Avocados have also high antioxidant content that keeps the free radicals that damage skin and cause inflammation in bay. Add avocados to your daily smoothies with bananas and berries or make the famous avo toast with crunchy multigrain bread!

2. Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are packed with selenium which is the feel good hormone and calms inflammation in the body. Just one to three brazil nuts a day keeps you covered. Brazil nuts are also very high in Vitamin E which protects skin from the harmful oxygen-free radicals. Make sure you’ll snack on healthy nuts through out the day, other good ones are almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts.

3. Seabuckthorn

Seabuckthorn berries are full of fibre, so like avocados they ease digestion and make sure you’ll body will absord more of the beneficial nutrients you get from the foods you eat. Seabuckthorn is a superberry when it comes to skin. No wonder many natural cosmetic companies use seabuckthorn as one the main ingredient in their creams and soaps. Just one seabuckthorn berry has the C vitamin of ten (!!) oranges, it has over 180 different nutrients in it and over 60 antioxidants together with cleansing and detoxing properties. Seabuckthorn also has many omega fatty acids, even the rare 7, which calms inflammation in our bodies and moistures our cells – from the inside out! A teaspoon of raw Arctic seabuckthorn powder will work magic to your skin and hair.  Available here

4. Blackcurrant

Blackcurrants are often known to treat cold and flu symptoms because of the very high levels of vitamin C that helps to maintain the normal function of the immune system. Blackcurrants are also very high in vitamin E, which again contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress and therefore improves the well being of skin. When blackcurrants are eaten fresh or in powder that is raw, the health benefits can be absorbed the most successful way. Add a teaspoon of blackcurrant powder to your oats, smoothies or shakes to get the benefits! Available here

5. Salmon

Healthy skin and hair also requires protein to grown and shine and salmon is a great source for that good protein. Such like seabuckthorn, salmon also has high levels of  omega 3. Other than protein and omega fatty acids, salmon is also high in potassium, vitamin E and selenium, all working towards a healthy, balanced body and skin. For vegetarian or vegan option for salmon make sure you’ll include nuts such as walnuts and chia seeds to your diet.

Obviously an overall healthy diet is important to make sure you feel at your best. You should always pay attention to variety of foods in your diet. Eat a lot of fresh foods such as colourful fruits, veggies, berries (teaspoon of raw berry powders are equivalent to a handful of fresh berries), nuts and seeds. And avoid stress! Stress can affect badly to the way our bodies function and to our sleep which is one of the most important factors of healthy, balanced life with glowing skin! Eat healthy, sleep well, stress less and sweat more! 

Now let’s wait for those sunny days to return!

Love and Glow from Eve & Anna

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