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Unicorn coloured cashew cream

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Soak a cucp of cashews overnight. Drain and wash the cashews in the morning and add to blender together with a few gulps of plantbased milk (start with two, it shouldn’t be too runny) and a good gulp of maple syrup. Divine the cream into 4 smaller bowls and add the natural colouring to each bowl. Mix and see and play with the amount of powder until you get the colour your desire. Serve with toast of your choice or as a topping to your breakfast bowl.

Purple – Arctic Blackcurrant powder
Green – Matcha powder
Blue – Spirulina powder
Pink – Arctic Lingonberry powder or papaya powder

Arctic Power Berries 100% pure berry powders are fully raw, therefore packed with nutrients and antioxidants. A teaspoon of the powder is equivalent to a handful of fresh berries!


Recipe: @juutlovesfood

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