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Special diets – how to cope?

These days it’s very common to follow a special diet with an aim of improving the overall wellbeing or achieving a certain result. Following such a diet can become very consuming and might be causing stress – which can be causing more harm than good. Focusing on creating a balance while following a special diet can be a challenge – but is possible to do if one has patience and keeps a few important points in mind.

If you’re following a diet that restricts certain food items and puts emphasis on others, do you know how you need to balance your dietary intake of the restricted class of foods to achieve equilibrium in your system?


The word ‘balance’ can mean lots of diverse things to each individual and we all see it quite differently, from our own perspective. One way to describe this balance can be to make note of the overall feeling of wellbeing, we are no doubt all looking for and to break it into little pieces. These little bits and pieces are what make the balance for you.

When it comes to diets, it’s important to remember, that when you are trying to achieve a specific outcome – say for example, weight loss, you can easily find yourself in a situation where you’re just cutting out individual things rather than focusing on the overall diet. This creates an imbalance in your system that can take you even further from your goal and does not improve your feeling of wellbeing.


If you are finding it difficult to follow a restrictive diet, consider this – is it lacking in essential vitamins and minerals ie. does it include enough fruit, berries and vegetables to keep your system going? Do you nourish your body often enough to keep it running, even on restricted energy intakes?

Focusing on giving your body the best form of energy, the vitamins and minerals it needs to keep going, can take you closer to your goal than sticking to a special diet that is not made specifically for you. Understanding the body’s need to utilise many different food items for optimal energy balance can allow you to see your body in a completely different light and maybe even make the special diet worthless in the end.

The processing of foods and convenience items has taken us very far from the holistic environment that our bodies so much crave to go back to in times of stress and hurry. It’s not often possible to remove our physical bodies from this environment, but we can take our minds and the fuel our bodies receive back to basics.

Eat the rainbow

In this busy world, most of us just focus on restricting something from our lives and diets rather than including certain food items. This mentality is based on the idea that we always need to cut back rather than refocus, which can make sense in this hectic, sometimes unstable world. Going back to basics doesn’t seem doable or progressive enough – although it’s often all that is needed to gain back the lost energy, to lose the extra weight or sleep better.

Simply put, refocusing on creating a balance that makes you feel good is the dream – and it’s achievable, a lot more so than a restrictive diet that creates ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

Making sure fresh, unprocessed fruits, vegetables and berries are a staple in your diet, each meal and snack sounds simple yet can make a huge difference to how you feel overall as your body can get all the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs to function well. It can also have a detoxifying effect on your sleep, skin and overall mood. Sound simple? It can be!


Choosing to step away from the convenience, special diet and processed food world can be daunting and can feel like you’ll never have time to put so much effort into your diet – until you start to feel the difference in your body.

At first, counting the amount of fruits, vegetables and berries you consume can be a bit of a challenge and can seem like a lot of work, but once you get comfortable and know what you like, can include in your diet and find the sources to get them from, it will be a breeze. At the moment, government recommendations are at 5 a day, but there’s so much evidence out there that emphasises the body’s need to be much higher, especially under stress and strain. Consider the 5 a day your first challenge, then building up to 8 a day and making a note of the difference in how you feel along the way.

Special diets can be tempting and promise amazing results, but in truth, the only special diet you need is the one that’s specially made for you and your unique body. So, be brave and stop counting calories, and start counting colours in your diet!

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