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So much love for all Mothers out there xx

Happiest Mother’s Day all mums out there. What an incredible journey it has been for all of you.

Hope you remember to take care of your Mother or if you’re a mother yourself, then take a care of yourself on this very special day. We can’t even begin to describe how important it is to show your love and care for precious people around you – like mothers.

Here are some healthy and delicious recipes you can make for your Mum to show how much you love. And of course, don’t forget our Mother’s Day discount (with a code MUMS ARE THE BEST) you get 15% off your next order which you can pair with free shipping if you spend over £28 <3 Guilt-free way to show how much you care (Valid until 9th of March) 

Here’s a short recap about the health benefits of our Arctic Berry Powders and why they make an incredible addition to breakfast bowls and snacks.

Wild Arctic Berries are rich in vitamins and natural antioxidants which can be beneficial in 

Check out these wild blueberry pancakes with wild blueberry- coconut filling. Delicious! 

Mini Vanilla cheesecakes with Arctic berries and matcha 


Lemon cake with wild blueberry frosting  

Chocolate jam thumbprint cookies with Arctic Blackcurrant 


A lot more delicious, vegan friendly and healthy recipes can be found from our RECIPE section of the site. Hope you get inspired and get fed well xx

Much love from
Eve & Anna 

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