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Sample our Arctic berries before purchasing the full size

Hey you all on that side of the screen. Hope you’re well and the start of summer has been pleasant for you. It all gets a bit busy, hectic and routines are often lost when the summer months approach. Which is moooore than understandable. Happens to us too. Hard to glue ourselves to the office chair when it’s nice and sunny outside.

Well, taking care of your precious well being on the summer months and on the go is now easy. We offer you a testing pack of three single-serve sachets that you can either try at home on your breakfast, at work or add to your workout shakes. One sachet has 1-2 teaspoons of powder which is equivalent to a handful of fresh berries. There you go. Just like that. Loads of essential nutrients and vitamins in a well absorbing form.

You don’t need to pay for the shipping either. We’ll pack the sachets into a thin envelope for it to fit through your mailbox together with a recipe leaflet and a discount code for your next order. Since we are sure you probably want some more.

This intro pack offer is valid in the UK only and we currently have only Arctic Blackcurrant sachets available. Also note, that you can include the sachets into your regular order in case you want to spread the word about Arctic berries and their benefits by giving them to a friend, colleague or family.

Hope they will make you feel your absolute best!!


XXX Eve & Anna

Ps. Try for instance this nutritious smoothie bowl. It’s yummy! 

Berry smoothie bowl

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