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Old Street Smoothie bar POP UP

Happy & Healthy New Year everybody!!! How exciting it is to head to year 2018 with new adventures and this wild berry smoothie bar!

We would LOVE to see you at Old Street tube station between 8th and 21st of January. We’ll be serving warm berry porridge, smoothie bowls and grab-and-go smoothies packed with nutrients and wild berries. Also variety of healthy treats will be available. And everything will be VEGAN AND GLUTEN FREE! The menu changes a little daily, so even if you swing by every day, you won’t get tired but instead feel great after feeding your body with health, care, love and nutrients!

The POP UP is open daily from 7.30am until 7pm. (Please check the weekend opening times from our Facebook page)  You can also preorder your smoothies or meals by dropping us an email or message a day before :)))))

…. And of course you can also purchase our 100% pure berry powders from the POP UP!

We have teamed up with amazing brands such as Pip & Nut, Troo granola, Ombar chocolate, Rude Health, Pulsin and Creative Nature so those healthy goodies will be included in all smoothies, smoothie bowls and warm porridges! Healthy and very very delicious!

HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE! Super exciting!!!

Love X 
Eve & Anna 

Our stockists