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Now trending: Unicorn everything!

Just love to scroll down the Instagram feed to see all those absolutely beautiful pastel coloured food pictures. It’s like dancing in the happy imagination world – remember care bears? A world so fluffy with beautiful tones and colours. Looking down at my breakfast bowl, it’s a long way from those beautiful tones. But healthy it is and taste super good.

But when did eating unicorn foods become so fashionable? When the world is a ‘bad’ place (Read: nuclear weapons etc.) it’s nice to have happy food pictures around. And why eating have to be so serious anyway? We, here at Arctic Power Berries’ headquarters, are always up for colourful foods!

Beautiful unicorn bears by Virpi Mikkonen (@vanelja) using our Arctic berry powders giving the bears a lovely purple colour (middle left)

This is where our pure berry powders jump in. Arctic Berry powders are privileged for being a part of many of those Instagram masterpieces together with green superfood powders and turmeric powder. Berry powders are ALL natural with full of colour. For instance the wild blueberry powder has a lot more deeper purple colour compared to cultivated blueberry, turning things lovely and purple. And even if it’s not all unicorn, eating a purple porridge is a lot more pleasant than digging into that yellowish plump of oats. And that’s what we all can do without being a food blogger  – dig a spoon into a berry powder tube, spin it a few times around in the yogurt or porridge, perhaps garnish the bowl with something and then the best part, to eat it! Hurray for colourful things!!

What are your favorite unicorn foods you’ve seen or eaten so far? Ours is below, delicious vegan unicorn cupcakes at Hackney Downs markets last Saturday!

These unicorn vegan cupcakes were explored at Hackney Downs vegan markets on Easter Saturday! Too good and so beautiful!


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