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Love our precious planet

Last week we were fortune to spent it in beautiful Thailand. Part of the trip we visited many markets which are a huge part of the Thai culture. The positive experience had one negative twist. It was eye opening to see how much trash they still throw away without recycling. One of the evenings we were sitting in a restaurant waiting for our dinner that was cooked in one of those little boats (see image below). It was interesting to watch the lady to cook the dinner, but what was terrible to notice was that she threw everything to the water. Egg shells, oil, food left overs from the pan, food wrappers… disheartening. And that river flows straight into the Indian Ocean. Then we arrived back to London (which is still is not the best cities when it comes to use of plastic and recycling but still ahead of Asia.) On our way to our office in Shoreditch this installation by Corona stopped us. Really amazing to see marketing campaigns that bravely highlight important issues. Cutting down the usage of plastic is crucial. And recycling correctly the plastic that we can’t stop using. I probably don’t need to go through those gross facts how the plastic is found from pretty much   e v e r y w h e r e    and is causing a lot of harm to many animals.


Us, Anna and Eve, here in Arctic Power Berries really carry the environmental issues close to our heart. We fly a lot, but try to make up for all those miles travelled by air with other activities. We try not to have stop overs, travel as little as possible, always donate for the offsets and never fly in business (can cause nine times more harm compared to economy class since you fit a lot less people in business). Also when we have our feet firmly on the ground we always recycle and use as little plastic as possible. And yes, we are vegetarian. Plus we don’t have a car.

Well when it comes to Arctic Power Berries. We try our hardest to create as little harm as possible too.  We’ve listed a few action points to highlight what we do that reduces our plastic footprint. We know we are not perfect. There are a lot of areas to improve, but we are getting there step by step.

  1. We switched from plastic packaging to cardboard. We have still have plastic lids but they are made with recycled plastic and are recyclable.

  2. When we do our production runs, we make massive shipments at a time so we don’t need to ship little shipments more often. We always use land freight over air freight too.

  3. Our berry powder is long lasting and therefore we can hugely cut down food waste. Fresh berries often go off very quickly which causes a lot of food waste. Did you know that over 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted a year? Yup. Disgusting. And have you ever checked where those fresh berries come from?

  4. For our online orders we use cardboard boxes, instead of other less recyclable materials. We also try to encourage people to buy bundles instead of single tubes so they can order less often.

  5. When doing tasting demos in stores or at exhibitions, we always use paper sampling cups and wooden disposable cutlery, instead of plastic ones.

  6. With every aspect of life, we try to participate in using less plastic. Little things can make a huge impact. Carry your own reusable coffee cup, recycle, have your own shopping bag, drink tap water instead of buying plastic bottles, buy less…


We would love to hear your thoughts about this issue? Also because this issue is so close to our heart we will offer 20% off for everyone using the code love the planet at the check out for their next purchase of berry powder. (Valid until 13th of June & can be paired with free shipping) Let’s gather a community of people who a) love berries and b) love the environment!

If you have any thoughts, comments or questions about this, please fire away. We would love to hear from you!

Eve & Anna 

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