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In the spotlight – Founder, Anna

Our founders, Anna & Eve, met in the arctic circle when they were tiny berry-picking totts. Enriched by the midnight-sun goodness packed into each berry, they grew strong and soon set out to explore new lands, taking the wild forest berries with them (preserved in space-saving powder) ready to share with the world.
Arctic Power Berries first saw the daylight a bit over four years ago. Anna who moved to London to study Sports therapy now works full time in the company. Here’s a few questions to find out a little more about Anna and what does it take to manage a company in London?

meet the founders

Eve & Anna  
What are the biggest challenges of being an entrepreneur?
Maybe managing so many aspects of it on our own. Saying that though, at least there’s two of us sharing the ups and downs. Don’t think I could ever be an entrepreneur on my own. I need someone to share it all with. Sometimes it can be a bit challenging to find the right partners to work with and to get things proceed smoothly. We’ve had some operational problems with packing and sourcing the product and solving those can be quite stressful and time consuming. It’s all a massive learning curve while they can feel a little overwhelming and challenging time to time. Also, reaching the Supermarkets can be very tough.
How about positivities? 
Being in charge of your own time and freedom. Being able to work from anywhere in the world without someone looking over your shoulder and checking up on you. Also meeting so many different people and making friends. In London, the start up circles are quite small so meeting like minded people is easy and fun.
What are the things you feel the most proud of? 
This whole company. That we haven’t given up when the times were hard and our friendship has grown to be even stronger with this company. This definitely wasn’t a planned path so it’s the whole journey that feels quite incredible.
Any mottos and life lessons you live by? 
Eve will have many when you ask her this question, she is the one with quotes in her back pocket. I always remember this one though and live by it – ‘know when to give up and have a mojito!’ in the sense giving up as enough for the day.
What you do on your free time?
I like to swim and go for runs. I hang out with friends, flat mates and I’m learning to chill without doing nothing. Or then I’m living up my quote and having a mojito or an ice cold  beer somewhere in East London.
Whats the best thing about London?
It’s the energy. There’s always something going on. New people, new products, new services and in London you’re always the first to know.
How about your home country, Finland? 
The fresh, clean air. It’s so clean and fresh in Finland that it feels like my lungs are on a detox when I visit home. They also have pretty nice rice pies over there 🙂 also known as Carelian pies.
And finally, what’s your favourite meal/recipe made with your berry powders?
I always eat porridge so definitely that. Super simple, two heaped teaspoons of berry powder sprinkled on top of my porridge with some natural yogurt, honey and sliced banana. Occasionally, I might also spin a peanut butter- cranberry smoothie.
Anna behind the scenes of Arctic Berries photo shoot
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