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In the spotlight: Founder – Eve

Our founders, Anna & Eve, met in the arctic circle when they were tiny berry-picking totts. Enriched by the midnight-sun goodness packed into each berry, they grew strong and soon set out to explore new lands, taking the wild forest berries with them (preserved in space-saving powder) ready to share with the world.
We sat down with Eve, CoFounder of Arctic Power Ltd. and asked her a few questions about London, running a company and life motivating quotes. Have a read below and get to know her a bit better! You can read Anna’s thoughts on this post. 

Eve & Anna

What are the biggest challenges of being an entrepreneur?

Arctic Power is our first company, and it’s like a baby to us. That can be a challenge. When there’s stressful times, they affect the whole mind and body. You can’t just close the door and leave it all in the office. They keep spinning in your head all day. We’ve actually been consciously learning to have weekends and evenings off. So really disconnect from even the stressful things. Cause everything tends to eventually work out.

How about positivities? 

The amount you learn. There’s no one telling you how and when to do things, you just have to figure out yourself and that sometimes requires stepping outside your comfort zone which always is a learning curve. For me it’s also being creative and thinking outside the box. But yes, definitely the freedom. I find it strange to see some many people working nearly around the clock for someone else’s dream. When you work for yourself, there can be days when you work a bit more but then the next week you can take three days off.

What are the things you feel the most proud of? 

I survived through losing my dad. It has been the hardest storm to get through, and I’m not sure if it’s still really over. I feel proud of myself every single day that I’ve managed through the hardest, even though there’s been days that my heart has been shattered into a million tiny pieces.

I’m also very very proud of Arctic Power Berries. We started it all before this trend of ‘working for yourself’ and we found a lot of ways to manage it by ourselves. There weren’t any help books. Even though, saying that, we’ve also gotten a lot of precious support from others. It certainly has taken bravery, patience, messing up and starting over, being clear of what you want to be and where you want to be. Failing, learning and starting over.

Any mottos and life lessons you live by? 

Handful. I find strength from reading quotes and life lessons. I’m a believer that everything happens for a reason, and you can’t really effect on the things that life has put on your path, it just depends how you take it and what you take from it. Often the biggest challenges are also the biggest teachers. Thankfulness is also strong thing, these days people have shifted so far away from the ‘normal things’, we are manipulated to reach for more and more of everything to the limit of being so tired, losing the touch of what matters. I try to be thankful for health, people around me, home, work and opportunities that life has offered. They sure have been amazing so far.

What you do on your free time?

I love sports so most often you can find me jogging in the nature, hitting a boxing bag at the boxing studio or going for another adventure outdoors. As much as I love to do things, I’ve also learned to slow down by meditating, not doing anything and spending a precious time with the loved ones. A good party every once in a while never hurt anybody (even though with age it does a little bit).

What’s the best thing about London?

The energy, there’s this vibe that no other city has. So much going on and so many different people. I also love the look of the city. There’s thousand years old building and right next to it, there’s a brand new building and between those buildings there’s a hipster café with a concept that will come to live a year later everywhere else in the world. It does have it downs as well, but once you surrender for London it will take care of ya! As they say ‘once a man is tired of London, the man is tired of life’

How about your home country, Finland?

 The nature. It’s so clean and beautiful. Once I’ve lived in London it has made me to really appreciate of getting to places quickly which makes it possible to get more things done in a day. Also the housing, the houses are properly built in Finland and it’s nice not to be freezing when inside J  

And finally, what’s your favourite meal/recipe made with your berry powders?

I actually use them a lot. On many things. I go in phases, sometimes I make a lot of porridge with blueberry powder, and sometimes I get very into chia puddings for a while. I find myself eating a lot more porridge over the winter and once the weather warms up I move to cooler bowls like smoothies, chia puddings etc. The powders are the most convenient way to add nutrient rich wild berries to my diet so I do eat in them in a way or another every single day to keep me going.

Founder Eve

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