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How to use Arctic Berry powders! Get creative!

Nutrient rich berry powders are an incredible addition to smoothies, porridge, cereal, yogurt or baking. One teaspoon of the powder is equivalent to a handful of fresh berries. You can also mix and match the powders to double up the health benefits since they all have their individual health benefits whereas all of them are loaded with vitamins C, E and K, fibre, antioxidants and polyphenols. (Explore the health benefits here)

Below are some super tasty recipes for your inspiration so you can explore and play with the powders!

  1.  Add one to two teaspoon of berry powder to a natural yogurt of your choice. We love it with creamy coconut yogurt, but any yogurt will do. Avoid the ready-made berry flavoured yogurts since they are often packed with refined sugars and artificial flavours. Instead make your own berry yogurt by adding the berry powder  – you’ll boost your body with nutrients, vitamins and fibre while cutting down on refined sugar and other nasties. Suitable for kids too! They seem to love the colour the powder creates!  Explore the recipes here
  2. Turn your porridge purple and jam-packed with nutrients! Beautiful food is a lot more nourishing and fun to eat. Especially this purple porridge that has been boosted with our Wild Blueberry powder. Wild blueberry has up to three times the nutrients of cultivated berries and no pesticides used! Are you having a struggle to feed your kid porridge? Try this tasty purple porridge, they might fall in love with it! See the recipe here

3.  Make art with Arctic Berry powders. The powders are 100% pure and they don’t have any artificial colours and flavours used. No added sweeteners either. They will make your foods lovely colour and nutrient rich. Plus who doesn’t like eating unicorn coloured foods? These lovely cream cheese bears have been coloured with a help of our berry powders by amazing Vanelja. We would love to see other colourful creations made with our Arctic Berry powders!

4. Smoothies. Berry smoothies. Blend half an avocado, banana, two teaspoon of chosen berry powder with almonds, dates, mylk and teaspoon of nut butter for an incredibly smooth drink. Add less mylk if you wish to make a smoothiebowl with your favorite toppings (such as more berry powder, sliced banana, granola!) Smoothies are gentle for our digestion and boost our bodies with nutrients – whats not to love! A lot of smoothie inspiration can be found from our recipe section here – Also this blackcurrant smoothie enjoyed by Oscar the Otter. 

5. Sweet treats with nutrients of wild berries? Yes please. Try making bliss balls, nice cream, raw chocolate or cheesecakes with the berry powders. We are huge fans of vegan- friendly Bounty bars that have our wild blueberry powder in them (recipe can be found here) We have made them a quite many times and every time they get eaten within a few days – that how goooood they are! Also these bliss balls are a saviour of moments when the sugar levels dip and the sweet cravins take a control!

If you create things with our Arctic Berry powders, please don’t forget to tag us in your creations so we can like and share your creations! We absolutely LOVE to see the creative ways people use the berry powders and how they contribute to overall well being and health.

Hope you enjoy xxx

Much love from Eve & Anna 

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