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Feel good this Spring – 3 day juice fasting and detoxifying recipe

Spring is here! For many of us it means shaking off the winter physically and mentally. Sometimes it’s nice to stop for a moment to question how are we eating, how are we feeling and how to make us feel the best possible way. For being an entrepreneur, we obviously make up our own timetables, therefore eating regularly has turned into an impossible task. They say fasting helps you to reset.

We’ve known Helsinki based pressed juice company, POWAU, for a while and wanted to give a juice fasting a try for the first time ever. We had a week in Helsinki and wanted to give our guts a break, to see if we could put our eating habits back on track again and mostly to feel awesome this spring. We had a three day juice fasting ahead of us.

Below is short diary. 

The first day: As we LOVE food we thought this 3 day fasting would be impossible task. However the week before we went through a mental state of boosting our willpower. We want to do this.

They say it’s good to kind of slowly approach the fasting period by eating a little less and more whole foods. We literally just didn’t have time, so started with the bang. 

First day was definitely the worst. Headaches, cravings and because the first day was Sunday, all the friends around were having Sunday treats. Tough to stay away. The first day was also the day when the nerves were put on test. This is definitely not a day to go somewhere with a lot of people or to spend it with your partner (you might get some bursts of hunger angriness)

Keep yourself busy though, so the day goes pass faster. The next two days were a lot easier. 

The last two days: POWAU juices are so delicious, there’s 2.2 litres of freshly pressed juice for each day. It feels like you’re drinking constantly and it’s almost like a treat. Also make sure you get some salt. And drink tea.

On day three it almost feels like you could go on with the fasting, you feel surprisingly energetic. We did a big grocery shop the night before the fasting was meant to end. Think it got a whole lotta harder when you know you have some good food in the fridge. So during the fasting, it’s better to have your fridge empty.

The day after the fasting: It’s funny how you’d think after fasting the first thing you’d want to eat would be pizza or some other treat like that. But you feel so good and fresh, you definitely want to nourish your body with healthy whole foods. We’re looking forward for the first breakfast after three days, which was berry chia pudding. Something easy to digest for your system. And delicious. We added two teaspoon of our Seabuckthorn powder which has further detoxing effects to the mix of chia seeds, oat mylk and vanilla. Topped it with kiwi fruit, some tahini and a teaspoon of Arctic Cranberry Powder which again has detoxifying properties.

So overall, definitely a great great experience. We feel a lot more energised and fresh than before. Definitely will do this again.

One tip though: the first day after fasting, have something easy to digest. We ate a huge bowl of kale, broccoli, tofu and cucumber. Got a bad heartburn after that, but as we all know, uncooked greens are a tough one for our digestion system. A warming soup would have been a better option. The starting and the ending days of the fasting mark as important as the actual days of fasting. 

Hope this inspired you to spin into a new season with fresh, energetic feeling! Even if it was a teaspoon of raw berry powder added to your meals, it’s incredible what those wildly grown, sun kissed berries can do to your well being by detoxifying your organs!

Try this overnight oats recipe before or after fasting. It’s so good for your digestion. Add heaped teaspoons of Arctic lingonberry – cranberry  – or seabuckthorn powders to maximize the detoxing in your organs!

1/2 cup of oats

1/2 cup plant-based milk

1/2 cup plant-based yoghurt

1 tbsp chia seeds

2 tsp lingonberry powder or any other berry powder for nutrients. Try mixing two flavours too. 

Liquid stevia drops to taste (optional)

Toppings such as banana, blueberries, quinoa pops, coconut chips, more berry powder (suggest cranberry powder) ….


1. Mix all dry and wet ingredients in a bowl or jar and leave covered in the fridge overnight.

2. The next morning, mix the overnight oats with more berry powder, add toppings and enjoy!

Now, off to a lunch xxxx Thanks for being on this journey! Much love from Eve & Anna

Visit POWAU website if you are interested to look into fasting and you’re Helsinki based! Can warmly recommend them <3

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