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Frequently Asked Questions

Arctic Power Berries


We started bringing the berry powders to the UK about four years ago and because of introducing a completely new and innovative product to the market, we have come across loads of customer feedback and interesting questions.

Here we have collected the most common questions together to help you understand this new discovery and get the most out of your berry powders!

Wild, hand-picked Scandinavian berries

No added sugar


No preservatives


No added flavoring

Gluten free

Raw (dried below 40 degrees)


We’ve used over 700g of fresh berries in one 70g tube!


A teaspoon of powder is equal to a handful of fresh berries.

Read about the health benefits here

What are the berries good for?

Wild Scandinavian berries are packed with all sorts of health benefits. To mention a few, they contain various vitamins, high antioxidant content, fibre and nutrients. Those are beneficial for healthy skin, hair, immunity, and even metabolism. Find out all about the berries health benefits here.


The berries are grown in the wild in clean, unpolluted forests in Finland. It doesn’t get any cleaner than that? They also are hand-picked.

GMO or mass produced?


Is there added sugar?

No, the berry powders only contain the naturally occurring sugars from the fruit

How about preservatives or flavoring?

No, just the berries, nothing else!

Diets suitable?

Vegetarian, vegan, paleo, raw food diet, and people with allergies to dairy, soy, gluten, lactose or nuts. Seabuckthorn is actually particularly good for those with vegetarian or vegan diets since it contains vitamin B12 that normally only appears in meat.


The berry powders are free from gluten, lactose, soy and nuts.

Price point?

There are over 700g of fresh berries in one 70g large tube and respectively over 300g of fresh berries in the smaller 30g tube. As you can see from the lingonberry jar from the picture above that is quite an amount of berries – If you wanted to buy the same quantity of good quality berries from a supermarket it would not cost less than a tube of our powders! Plus you get the shelf life advantage.

wild blueberry and seabuckthorn powders

How to use the powders?

There are endless ways to use the berry powders: Most our customers find it the most convenient to stir, sprinkle or mix into their breakfast bowls, snacks or smoothies. The creative ones have come up with some amazing recipe ideas such as cheesecakes, homemade chocolate or healthy chia puddings. The powders also make a great add to raw desserts, baking, cooking and food decoration. We personally use the powders in our everyday life such as an addition to porridge or as a natural flavoring to yogurt.

Compostable Packages

Serving size?

One serving size is 1-2 teaspoons, which is equal to a handful of fresh berries! That is already one out of your 5 a day sorted!

What do the powders taste like?

To us, the powders taste like wild, fresh Finnish berries taste – the ones we can pick from our backyards back home in Finland. Especially once you mix them into things like yogurt.

Storing the product?

The berry powders stay the freshest when they are stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. The re-sealable lid adds convenience and enables the powder to stay fresh for longer. Please note that the powders may settle and harden in transit so shake well before using. Do not freeze.


The best before date carries up to a year from the date of manufacturing. Please see the bottom of the tube.

Manufacturing method?

We ensure the berries are always gently dried below 40 degrees (temperature for raw food) so the nutritional content is preserved in the best possible way. Grinding follows the drying process.


Our new packaging is made with plant-based materials and is fully compostable and eco-friendly. Including the zipper. You can dispose the pouch with your food scraps. How great is that!

Most importantly

Why are wild arctic berries healthier than industrially grown berries?

Nature knows what is the best for us. Wild berries choose to grow where there are clean surroundings. There has been research carried out about the vitamin and antioxidant content in the Nordic berries.

Why would I eat powdered berries instead of fresh berries?

The original reason why we started loading our suitcases with berry powders on every return trip to London was that we just found the powders a really convenient way to increase the daily berry intake as the powders tasted nice and still had the same health benefits as fresh berries. Fresh berries go off quickly, take a lot of space in the freezer and are often expensive and sprayed with preservatives.

I would love to try something new. Where can I steal ideas from?

Head over to our recipes page or have a look at our instagram account. There are some recipe ideas we have come up with, accompanied with the amazing creations that bloggers and customers have done using our berry powders.

We are not intending to compete with fresh berries, this is just another really convenient way of eating them. We often mix both fresh and powdered berries in our breakfast bowls. The powdered form is such an easy and convenient way to enjoy berries when fresh berries are not available or in season.

Any other questions you would like to ask from us?

Fire away! You can send us a message by using a contact form

Love X

Eve & Anna – The founders