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Eco-friendly pouches

From the day one, over six years ago, when Arctic Power Berries saw a daylight, we knew two things. Firstly, the company would never ever come in between our precious friendship. Secondly, we would always do our best in causing as little harm as possible to our beautiful planet.

The first two years we traded with fully recyclable plastic pouches, then we upgrated to cardboard tubes with recycled plastic lids. Now we are proud to announce, that we’ve launched the third version of berry powder in fully compostable, plant-based pouches. Once you’ve finished the pouch, you can through it away with you banana peels. This planet do not need more plastic.

The new range consists of all the flavours below in two sizes, 30g & 70g:

In 70g  bag we’ve used over 700 grams of fresh berries & nothing added! This is intense stuff!

arctic power berries

We’ve also gone back to the pouch format which seems to work the best when it comes to powders. They are super handy to carry with, thanks to the re-sealable zipper. Nothing else has changed, the inside and the amount of the powder in the pouch remains the same. A teaspoon of the powder is equivalent to a handful of fresh, foraged berries.

Not only in the field of packaging we are doing our best to tackle the environmental issues. In EVERY aspect of our organisation, we are always choosing the best possible way to be as green as possible. We are tiny tiny company, but we believe that offering consumers the option to choose Earth-friendly alternatives, is important and also forces the big companies to follow and make changes faster in their operations.

We would LOVE to hear your thoughts about our new packaging. Do you like it? Or did you find the old one better? Perhaps more convenient? Anything you have to say or ask, fire them this way

We hope you appreciate the change as much as we do. And let’s make the difference in our daily lives, we certainly do not have a Planet B and we have to look after this beauty before it’s too late.

new fully compostable packaging


Ps. What a great Christmas gift this makes! By saying “you’re important to me and I want you to stay well. I also love the Planet!” & with a code compostable you can get 10% off your order at

With love and light,
Eve & Anna, The Founders  


new plant based packaging

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