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Detoxing – Here’s a few easy tips to get going

Clean out the toxins

Our organs, mainly our liver, which is the critical organ moving toxins and purifying our blood can get overwhelmed by things like pollution and chemicals. It’s important to make sure we eat and drink things that help to flush the toxins out and give our cleansing organs a much needed break. Certain foods have an effective cleansing properties when it comes to detoxification and reducing inflammation in the body. For instance, organic leafy greens, fermented foods, veggies and wild berries are great foods that not only cleanse and detoxify but effectively improve the well-being and overall health.

Below we’ve listed a few tasty recipes that have detoxifying properties. Enjoy them together with plenty of water, good night sleep, chilling and if you feel like it, do some detoxing yoga poses. Through out the day add the nutritious berry powders to your meals and snacks for further results. Try to enjoy the drinks first thing in the morning, eat a few hours later – this way the benefits really dig in, detoxification starts and your digestion gets a break.



Seabuckthorn smoothie bowl

Add a teaspoon of Sea Buckthorn powder to your smoothie, natural yogurt or porridge. It has a wide range of nutrients that improve well-being and detoxification in the body. It’s sour, slightly sharp taste goes well with savoury foods too, but our ultimate favourite is to eat by sprinkled on top of natural, plant-based yogurt, with a splash of honey, sliced banana and scoop of peanut butter. Also try this nourishing smoothie.

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Smooth Cranberry nicecream

Cranberries are know for their detoxifying & weight loss properties. They are also know to contain compounds that help treat and prevent urinary tract infections and kidney problems. Those compounds help prevent and eliminate harmful bacteria from binding into the urinary tract and reduce infections. When cranberries are enjoyed in a food form, the benefits also absorb better. Spin a delicious smoothie with your favourite toppings or add a teaspoon to your yogurt or porridge.

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Leafy greens, especially those dark greens are very good for digestion and have detoxifying properties. Eat them throughout the day, go for the organic ones if possible and get creative with them. A lot of greens can be added to smoothies in fresh or powdered form.

Green breakfast smoothie

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