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Cultivated, organic or wildly grown?

Did you know that Arctic Power Berries’ berry powders are made with wildly grown berries from Finland. They mature in the clean, unpolluted nature under a lot of sunshine from the Midnight Sun, absorbing in loads of vitamins, flavonoids and nutrients. What else makes wildly grown berried different to cultivated berries? Is organic label really that important when it comes to berries? There is a reason why our Arctic berries get their superfood status! Let’s look into this…

Literally, wildly grown berries are nature’s organic. Where as organic berries sound good they can still be farmed without use of pesticides, but when the berries grow wild, they choose the best possible places to grow in and absorb as much nutrients as possible. Cultivated  berries have hardly any of those benefits left compared to wildly grown berries, organic or not, due the soil they grow in. Did you know that wildly grown berries can have up THREE times the health benefits compared to cultivated berries! And a large tube of our berry powder has over 700 grams (!!) of wildly grown berries in them. That’s the simplest answer to why to buy powder instead of fresh berries but there are other things too.

Also, we could call our product organic as well, but then it would only mean that the berries are grown within the same certain area in Finland, that can be for instance a kilometres wide space with organic certification. Ours can grow within that space or just outside it, that’s why it doesn’t really matter if they are organic or not. As long as they grown wild with the love of the Mother Nature. 

A teaspoon of Arctic Blueberry powder is equivalent to a handful of fresh berries

“Wild Blueberries, vaccinium myrtillus, are a lot smaller compared to cultivated berries. If you cut the berry in half, wild ones are truly dark purple inside and very high in anthocyanin compared to cultivated blueberry (2-3 times higher!) and you can notice by the clear insides of cultivated blueberries. Wild blueberry has very strong flavour too!”

We often get people asking what is the difference between having the powder and eating fresh berries? Well first of all it is very hard to get fresh or frozen wild blueberries, cranberries, lingonberries or blackcurrants from the supermarkets. Yes you can find a case of blueberries but have you noticed where they are from? Often from the other size of the world, like Chile or Brazil and what most of the people don’t realise is the amount of preservatives sprayed on them to make them last the transportation. No wonder they go mushy in the fridge within a few days from the purchase. Organic ones might not have the preservatives but still their nutrients levels are a lot lower compared to wild grown ones.

Quality really matters. And the fact that your foods are rich in nutrients, which often cultivated berries are not. Always make sure you check the country of origin of your berries, when a teaspoon of high quality berry powder made with wildly grown berries can contribute to improve so many things from eye sight to brain function and from glowing skin to strong immunity, many farmed berries have only poor levels of antioxidants and nutrients left. Which is the same with many other vegetables and fruits too! 

The comparison between cultivated blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) and wild blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) on the left. The wild one is much smaller, yet a lot deeper in purple therefore having more nutrients from antioxidants, anthocyanin.

“Did you know that wildly grown and 100% pure berry powders help you feel your absolute best. They contribute to strong immunity, weight loss, sharp brain function, glowing skin and hair, detoxing organs, anti-aging and they taste good!”

We definitely praise for organic food and as often as possible go for the organic option in the stores. But always when there are either local or wildly grown options available we stick with those. Think outside the box, organic can still be transported from the other side of the world. Local foods often are a bit more pricey, but think it is the quality you get, the health benefits for your body, well being and most of the time the taste is a lot better too (think tomatoes!) Plus it’s nice to support those who produce themselves!

Local foods are also a lot more environmentally friendly, think about the cause of transporting the cultivated berries from across the globe to be enjoyed by the people who have berries a lot closer by. It has studied that the health benefits of wildly grown berries are enormously bigger compared to cultivated berries. Out of our range, blackcurrant is the only one that doesn’t grown ‘wild’ even though it’s not farmed either, it matures under the Arctic sun and absorbs in the goodness from the clean soil and they never have sprayed preservatives. We want to keep the blackcurrant because it has so many incredible health benefits such as super high Vitamin C levels to name one.

Our seabuckthorn berries before harvesting last year.


So to recap. The best, most ethical products with the highest health benefits are

1. Local and wildly grown foods

2. Foods with organic labelling (+ Fair Trade)

3. Normal healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts etc.

Hope this helps with your daily shopping and opens up a little bit the ideology behind our products. We’ve heard a few times how some customers would prefer a lower price for the powders, but quality is expensive and we’ll always use wild berries over farmed!  If you have any thoughts or questions please fire away!

Love and light from Eve & Anna

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