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Amazing two weeks at our smoothie bar!

Wow – the fastest two weeks ever. Making smoothies all day for thirsty, health conscious East Londoners was so much fun. We got to meet some of you daily, before or after your work. It was lovely to meet you all! Thank you so much for swinging by!

Having the pop up for the first time was a lot of work, and we must admit, it was quite tiring, since we had long, busy hours every day, two weeks in a row. But we wouldn’t change a minute of it. We received so much good feedback, the atmosphere was amazing, people purchased not only smoothies but also our pure & raw berry powders. Thanks for that!

Who knows, we might even be back some day. But before that, we need huuuuuge amount of sleep to catch up on 🙂

Once again, thank you for all the partners being on this journey with us and boosting the smoothies and smoothie bowls with your tasty products. A massive shout out goes especially to Troo Granola, Pip & Nut, Creative Nature Superfoods, Pulsin, Rude Health and Ombar. Lovely to be on this health journey with you guys and making people’s lives healthier bite at a time 🙂

That’s all for now. Thank you once again! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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