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Our story

Hi there! We are Anna and Eveliina,

as our friends in any place we have lived or visited, know us. We always come as a pair, and on the rare occasions only one of us appears somewhere on her own, it raises questions about what the other one is up to.

We have been best friends

since the first day at primary school and we are lucky to have found such soulmates to share things with. We read each other like open books and know instantly if the other one is tired. Over the last ten years we have done a lot of traveling and have lived together on three different continents. We’ve been left with plenty of reasons to return and visit those remarkable friends with whom the time or distance never makes a difference.

We are very similar and different at the same time

which makes for a great balance. We believe in friendship, having fun, enjoying good food, life and time outdoors. Whenever we can we are always out there doing stuff.

We enjoy having a healthy balance in life in general.

Healthy lifestyle shouldn’t mean not having fun and having a healthy breakfast doesn’t mean saying no to a double cheese pizza and drinks in the evening. All they do is make life taste and feel good!

Eve’s background

is in fashion marketing and freelance styling, while Anna’s is in sports therapy and massage. That is another great example of how we balance each other in life.

We grew up by the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland,

picking berries from the backyard and eating them out of the freezer all year around.

After living in London for over ten years

we have fallen in love with this vibrant, lively and exciting city, although it has taught us to appreciate home, Finnish nature and nature’s goods that originate from there.

When living abroad we have always missed the taste of wild berries from back home.

The farmed berries from local supermarkets do not taste the same at all, fresh berries go off really quickly and frozen berries are often either too expensive or not always available. That is why in the beginning it felt natural to always throw half a year’s supply of Finnish berry powders into our suitcases on each trip to London. After making the berries travel with us for over three years, we started questioning why we couldn’t share them with other people too. We were sure that at least some people would love them as much as we did.

We value natural products, good quality and sustainable choices.

For a brand whose products are dependent on nature it is particularly important to provide an example of how to keep their environmental impacts to a minimum and support sustainable solutions.

We like to share people things we personally value and believe in.

We would never sell something that we would not use ourselves every day. All the credit for our delicious products go to our much loved home country and its beautiful nature, which provides us these high quality, premium, natural ingredients.

We are not a perfect company.

We don’t even try to be, because that would be unrealistic. We are two young entrepreneurs who are willing to find an alternative solution when the first way doesn’t work out. We are constantly developing our approach, because as in anything in life (including boyfriends, perfect cheesecakes or berry powder shipping methods), a good outcome often needs a few trial versions.

Because at the end of the day this was just a random idea that got out of hand. And we are glad it did!

It’s been a journey.

With love,
Anna & Eve