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6 recipes for Spring cleanse

Spring has finally arrived and it feels absolutely amazing! Now we will challenge you to do a week Spring cleanse with us! And we are not talking about hardcore fasting but a week of clean eating where we’ll forget refined sugar, alcohol and caffeine. Instead we’ll nourish our bodies with lots of greens, berries, smoothies and juices. We already did a similar week last year and the feeling was amazing afterwards. And if you feel like you don’t want to jump fully in, you can add bits and bobs to your diet. Like start the day with healthy, nutrient rich smoothie bowl, followed by healthy lunch and then it’s okay to have something not-so-healthy for dinner. Little things can make a huge difference. Anyhow, below we have listed six very nutrient rich recipes for you to make healthy choices. They are all boosted with our arctic berry powders which have cleansing and detoxifying properties, thanks to very high antioxidant levels of wildly grown arctic berries.

Let’s feel good this Spring! Are you with us?

BERRY SMOOTHIE BOWL. This bowl is absolutely jam-packed with goodness of berries. And it’s delicious! Arctic Blackcurrant is very high in vitamin C which will improve immunity and cleanse your body. Blackcurrant is commonly used in treating cold & flu symptons so if you ever feel like you’re coming down with cold, make sure you’ll increase the intake of Arctic Blackcurrant!

1 cup of fresh pineapple
1/2 cup frozen raspberries
1- 2 heaped tsp blackcurrant powder
2 tsp desiccated coconut
10 cashew nuts
Almond milk to blend

Blend and add your favourite toppings!


GREEN SMOOTHIES AND SALADS. Make a lot of different dishes from nutrient rich foods. Avoid refined sugar, sweeteners, wheat, artificial flavours and foods. Buy as much organic and wild as possible. And make as much as you can from the scratch. Green smoothies made with spinach, carrot, avocado, lemon, ginger, wild blueberry powder and pear is our favourite! It’s a nourishing combination with very pleasant taste! Turn it into salad by adding almonds, beetroot, pear and chosen protein such as cheese, salmon or beans.


REFRESHING ARCTIC BERRY SMOOTHIE. This smoothie is absolutely delicious, you can also turn it into smoothie bowl and add your favourite toppings. Thanks to our Arctic Berry Powders the smoothie is loaded with nutrients, flavonoids, polyphenols, vitamins and fibre. A teaspoon of the powder is equivalent to a handful of fresh arctic berries. YUM! We could sip this smoothie all day long.

2 servings
1 ripe banana
Half an avocado
Thumb size of ginger
About ten soaked almonds
Squeeze of lime
2 cups of organic apple juice
2 heaped teaspoons of chosen Arctic berry powder 


CRANBERRY- WILD BLUEBERRY & SEA BUCKTHORN SMOOTHIE. A lot of berries. Berries are very good for you when you want to give your organs a little cleanse. They are low in calories, relevantly low in natural sugars compared to many fruits. They are high in fibre improving digestion, and obviously high in vitamins and antioxidants.  Arctic Seabuckthorn especially is commonly known for it’s detoxifying properties. That’s why many organic skin care brands use it in their products too. And did we mention, Arctic Seabuckthorn has the rare omega 7 and B12 vitamins, which are essential for vegans and vegetarians. Below is berrylicious smoothie made with three different arctic berries! You should definitely try this!

Half a banana
2 teaspoons of wild blueberry powder (equivalent to heaped handful of fresh arctic blueberries)
1- 2 teaspoons of Arctic cranberry powder
Coconut water
Fresh basil leaves
Arctic Seabuckthorn powder on top


BERRY CHIAPUDDING WITH ARCTIC BERRIES. Make delicious breakfast jars with wild blueberry powder. Wild blueberries have three times the health benefits of cultivated blueberries. They have also a lot more antioxidants and nutrients thanks to their deep purple colour. Chia pudding is a good option for cleanse since it is raw and nutrients haven’t been heat treated. Also saviour for busy mornings if you make it a night before and let it set overnight.

3 tablespoons of chiaseeds
2 teaspoons of wild blueberry powder
1 1/2 cup of mylk (oat, soy or almond)
1/2 tsps of himalayan sea salt
Sprinkle of cinnamon and cardamom

Mix all the ingredients, let is set for at least half an hour or over night. Add toppings such as more berry powder, banana and a scoop of nut butter.


GREEN BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE. This smoothie is very detoxifying, thanks to lime and our Arctic Seabuckthorn powder. Our bodies really love spinach and kale too. You can also add a teaspoon of Arctic Cranberry and green powder such as wheatgrass to boost the benefits. We think that the secret to a glowing skin also lies in this smoothie! Try to drink in daily basis for week or two and see how you feel!!

Handful of spinatch or kale
A kiwi fruit
A pear
Lime or lemon juice (squeeze 1-2 limes/lemons if you can’t find organic juice)
1-2 tsps of Arctic Sea Buckthorn powder (or any other berry powder)

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