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10 reasons to eat more berries!

1. Berries are packed with vitamins. They literally have range of different vitamins from A, B, C to E. Most of the berries are bursting with them, for instance half a teaspoon of Arctic Seabuckthorn powder has more C vitamin than 10 oranges. That’s a lot. And we all know how vitamins are the building blocks of healthy, functioning body that boost our well- being and immunity.

2. Your body gets nutrients from the food form so they absorb better than eating supplements. Many of us pop pills to increase our nutrient intake, but really, the nature is the best vitamin provider. When you eat a diversely of different food groups and coloured fruit, veggies and berries your body will absorb the needed nutrients, as when you pop a pill your body might not recognise it as food and you don’t get all the promised benefits. *Obviously, follow you doctors’ advice if you have a lack of certain vitamins and need vitamin pills.

3. Berries are high in fibre which is superfood for your digestion. Without fibre, you’ll very quickly start feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Fibre in our gut will make sure the food we eat moves in the gut and comes out as required. Yup, it’s important 😀

4. Berries are low in calories with superior levels of nutrients. Berries are good for diets following low calorie intake and they are a good addition to many meals throughout the day (i.e. smoothies, shakes, yogurt pots). With berries you don’t get so called ‘empty calories’ such as by eating candy, soft drinks or any other refined sugar treats. Arctic berries have even more nutrients than farmed cultivated berries due the clean soil and surroundings they grown in. Berries are relevantly low in natural sugar compared to some high sugary fruits or refined sugar treats.


5. Wild berries don’t have any sprays or pesticides used, therefore they are also environmentally friendly. Which is very very important. For people eating the berries but for our precious planet too. Those harsh sprays and pesticides they spray on farmed fruit and berries are not great. Therefore you should always look for wild berries. They grow as nature has intended them to. Then they get gently handpicked. Plus have you ever paid attention where those cultivated berries come from?

6. Some berries have vitamins that are crucial for vegetarian and vegans. Increasing amount of people are cutting down on consumption of meat, dairy and other animal products. Which obviously is great for our beloved planet. All of who do so though, should pay attention to their vitamin B12 intake which only occurs in meat products AND in Arctic SEABUCKTHORN. If you’re vegan or vegetarian and haven’t heard about B12, hurry up and google it. Then either buy B12 vitamin pills and read the point 2 again. Or get yourself a bag of Arctic Seabuckthorns or Seabuckthorn powder, and add that to your breakfast bowl.

7. They taste great unlike some other superfoods. Berries have a pleasant, sweet flavour which most people like. Some nutrient-dense superfoods you literally have to wash down with something nicer tasting. The youngest in the family often likes berries too which leads us to the next point.


8. They are suitable for the whole family. And when you’re pregnant. Unlike many other superfoods in the market. Yup, berries are superfood. Arctic berries especially. If you didn’t know they have up to three times the health benefits of cultivated berries. And kids love how the intense wild blueberry powder turns their foods purple. Win win. Mommy gives the nutrients, kids get happy with the colourful food.

9. They can be eaten with many foods and can be added to a lot of meals throughout the day. Only imagination is your limit. Porridge, yogurt, muesli, granola, pancakes, shakes, pastries .. you name it. We even have had a customer feedback saying she added our arctic berry powder underneat the cheese on her pizza. Haha, less quilt, more nutrients. 😀

10. Berries are packed with antioxidants, flavonoids, polyphenols etc. which have so many health benefits from immunity to glowing skin! Regularly including berries, especially nutrient rich berries, into your diet you make sure your body gets much needed building blocks to repair and create. ‘Take care of you body, It’s the only place you have to live’ they say. Explore more at arcticpowerberries.com

Get a bundle of four 30g or 70g Arctic Berries, including wild blueberry, wild lingonberry, arctic blackcurrant and arctic cranberry through HERE. Add them to natural yogurt, smoothies, porridge, muesli or baking for extra kick of nutrients and antioxidants and all points above 🙂  A teaspoon of the powder is equivalent to a handful of fresh berries. Spring clean your body!




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