Healthy summer treat: Wild blueberry ice cream.

It's definitely the season of ice cream. The temperature here in London has made us crave ice cream on daily basis. Thanks to the heat wave. As we all know, refined sugar doesn't do any good to us so by making your own ice cream you can cut down on many of those nasties hiding in the ready made ice creams. 

This healthy ice cream bowl has wild blueberry powder in it, boosting the bowl with antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins. The high antioxidant content for instance gives skin- and hair a beautiful glow, improves immunity, aids digestion and has anti- aging properties. Wild blueberries also improve eye- and brain health. We added two heaped teaspoons of the wild blueberry powder to the ice cream mix making it super tasty, giving it a nice sweet flavour and of course deep, purple color. And cause we want to make things as healthy as possible we sprinkled Arctic Lingonberry powder on top. For those who are not aware, Arctic Lingonberry is Scandinavian superberry. It has weight loss and detoxing properties, can aid in heart- and cardiovascular diseases and in general is very high antioxidants again. 

Happy summer moments! Enjoy the sunshine! And hope you get to try this delicious ice cream bowl :) 

Wild blueberry ice cream

1 big bowl or two smaller ones

One frozen banana
2 heaped teaspoons of Wild Blueberry Powder 
2 medjool dates
Cup of coconut cream
Sprinkle of himalayan salt

1. Freeze the banana. Put all the ingredients into blender and blend until smooth. Pour into cups and top with more berry powder or any other chosen toppings. You can also freeze the mixture for half hour to an hour before serving. Enjoy! 

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