A product review by Purely Amy

"What does it cost?

You know me, not one for lavish prices. Which leads me to the next point, the price. Never one to hide away from things that may seem negative, I will come out  and say it, £7.99 looks very steep for a small tub of dried berries but when you really think about it, what’re you getting is;

  • 3 punnets of berries ( £2.50 per punnet x 3 = £7.50)
  • The fact you can carry these with you on the go!
  • turn these into drinks, add them to food and best yet…
  • They don’t go off!

How often do you have fresh fruit in your fridge (not often!) because it goes off so quickly. These arctic berries are always there to offer you a pick-me-up! So yeah, they do have some price but it’s completely worth it if adding extras to your breakfasts, desserts or drinks is your thing.

But their website is crammed full of amazing recipes too (I’m very jealous!)"

"Think about it, what would you normally do with a punnet of fresh berries or Protein Powder, sprinkle them on your porridge, add them to a large punch bowl, include them in some desserts? There are tonnes of things you can do with Arctic Berries, here are just a few of my suggestions from my own experiences;

  • Adding them to porridge or sweet rice for breakfast or desserts
  • Adding them into Apple crumble, I used blueberry in my blueberry,pear and apple crumble. Topped with oats!
  • 1 teaspoon of arctic berries per pint, poured into a kettle. Serve with a dash of sugar and a squeeze of lemon.
  • Create Iced tea: Serve chilled with sliced fruits!
  • Serve on top of pancakes with a swirl or yoghurt or honey!

You can visit our website for more information. 


Thank you so much Amy for writing such an honest review and highlighting the positive things about our Berry Powders. Means a lot to us! 


Eve and Anna