The best kind of friendships are where you aggressively believe in each other, defend each other, and think the other deserves the world.

"I've seen you at your worst, and still think you're the best" 

HAPPY  HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Hope you can spend the day with your loved ones! As you should every day, but especially today, tell them how much they mean to you! 

You probably already know, we come from Finland - the country of beautiful nature, sauna and people who swim in the icey ocean (yeah really). Valentines' day over there also means 'friendship day' so this is why we won't be telling you about perfect boyfriends or love stories but how effin amazing it is to have a true best mate.

We've always been good working together as you can see! 

We've always been good working together as you can see! 

It all began the first day of school which makes 23 years of hanging out pretty much every single day. Since then we have lived together in US, Australia, did one year of travelling around the world before ending up to vibrant East London. We are on that stage of our friendship that our brains think alike and we say the same damn thing all the time. 



The same brain click happened when the idea of Arctic Power Berries was born. We talked about things we missed mostly from home, and the berries kept constantly popping up. One of us then thought about berry powders and we looked each other with that enthusiastic sparkle in our eyes. 'Let's make it happen!' - After a lot of dedication and proving people we haven't gone completely nuts, we launched Arctic Power Berries nearly two years ago! 

And here we are now. A few of you on that side of the screen reading our story, a few of you on that side of the screen perhaps eating a bowl of yogurt with our healthy berry powders in it, a few of you hoping to launch your own brand one day and keep looking for inspiration. Whatever it is that makes you to read this story, we want to THANK YOU! You've made our dreams come true, you've helped us to prove we haven't lost our minds and you've made us believe anything is possible if you want it bad enough!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

Now you should leave your computer (iPad or smartphones) and go back to hang out with your mates/pets/boy-girl-friends/wives/husbands/kids or eat your amazing breakfast bowl because it's Sunday and a Friends' day! 

Much love from Eve & Anna