What makes Finland so very special?

As many of you probably know, we are both from Finland from a little town called Rovaniemi right on the Arctic Circle. We've lived in the UK for nearly six years now but we've taken a little piece of Finnish nature with us. Let check out where our beloved berry powders come from and what makes them so special. 


1. Arctic Midnight Sun

Up in the Arctic Circle, over the few summer months the sun stays up all day and all night! Imagine the amount of sunshine our berries and the nature gets to soak in throughout those months! It is something that many tourists travel up to see, and to be honest, every time we go home, we still get amazed by it. Imagine going to the beach at midnight!

2. Clean, unpolluted nature

We live in one of the most hectic cities in the world, breathing in the good energy of millions of people but at the same time unfortunately a fair amount of pollution. That has really made us appreciate the cleanness of our Motherland, the untouched forests and the quietness. Ps. here comes a cool fact:  Rovaniemi (our hometown) has only 8 inhabitants per km2 compared to Tokyo with 6029 inhabitants per km2 or London with 5000! And another fact: there are actually more reindeers living in Lapland than people - how cool is that!!

3. Four proper seasons

This high up North, we get four proper seasons. We have a lovely summer (okay it's not an Ibiza, but gets up to 25 degrees!) Fall with the most beautiful orange nature, sunny spring time and winter with lots of snow. It's so pretty, seriously, if you ever have a chance to travel up there, we suggest, you should go. Pink skies, freezing outside and warming fire place inside and the best part - you can see THE NORTHERN LIGHTS!

4. Forest full of AMAZING food

Finland, is one of the rare places in the world that our backyard is packed with amazing food. In the summer time, we get berries. Berries that are like no others. They are matured under the Midnight Sun, soaking in the all the good nutrients from the clean soil and clean air. It has been studied that they can have up to 3 times the antioxidants compared to cultivated berries. Then we have mushrooms, wild herbs like nettle, game meat and many great spots for fishing. These are things we should never take for granted. This is exactly what we missed once we moved away from home, and the reason we wanted to take berries with us. Now offering a piece of this beautiful nature for all of you to enjoy as well! 

5. Many great outdoor activities

Up in Lapland, there's something for everyone. Especially if you're into outdoor activities. Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, whitewater drafting, camping.. The nature is so so beautiful and we bet, if you happen to run into people, they'll be nice as well! 

Haha, this is not a sponsored post, even though we so highly speak about it. We are so blessed to call this place home! (we still love you London, not to worry, we are not leaving you anytime soon!) Luckily Norwegian started to fly straight from Gatwick to Rovaniemi this November!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love & Light, 

Eve & Anna