Our story with all the ups and downs!

Eve the blondie & Anna the brunette

Eve the blondie & Anna the brunette

Hi There, how are you? In case you're not familiar with us yet, here comes a super short introduction -

We are Eve & Anna, Anna & Eve! We are two Finnish Lapland born girls who have been best friends since the first day of primary school. So that makes nearly 30 years of solid hanging out, and we mean, solid. There are not many days we spend apart and if we happen to do so, we speak a few hours on the phone! So pretty much we are a lot more than besties, think we are a small berry gang, soulmates, sisters and now entrepreneurs!

The story began on the first day of school. Unseparated since. After the studies we got a crazy idea of travelling around the world. The trip was meant to last about 6 months but as quite often happens, we get our heads into something and the plans tend to change. So after living up in Australia for nearly three years we decided to move a bit closer to our beloved family and applied to a university in London. 

Eve studied Fashion Marketing and Anna Sports Therapy before ending up being a full time berry ambassadors. So that's our long history very short. (You can read more here if you are interested). 

So what has the homesickness for Finnish berries got us into? Many people tend to think that when being a start up we get to dance in dollar bills all day long, we hardly work and people just call us for listings. Oh we wish. Not really even, we are very hard working chics, so don't think we would ever like to sit around doing nothing, but whatever, you get the point. We work hard, hard, hard and hard. And long days too. 

Below we listed a few things that we've learned along this relevantly short journey. They might seem very basic but we want to be transparent with everything we do and help others if they are reaching towards their goals and dreams. At least we can help them to be realistic and help with whats coming. You know what we mean. Bet there's a lot more coming to our way as well...

So let's get started... 

Us in Fiji 2007

Us in Fiji 2007

- Coming up with an idea where you put your hardest effort to make it different, new, exciting, modern, fun, achievable etc.. has a downside as well. Increase in competition and copying. But that's in all businesses, we guess. Sometimes it is very hard to understand why some companies do so much direct copying. For their own benefit it would be good if they approached the market from a different angle, but no. We've had other companies publishing exact the same material what we have created ourselves.

- People also tend to think that we are millionaires now. We wish we were. We are actually just making enough to cover the rent and have a roof above our heads. But we know, hope and dream that one day we can pay ourselves more and that makes it all so worth while and waiting. Luckily we have plenty of berry powders to keep our diet healthy (it's not only noodles and tomato sauce!)

- Downside of being your own boss is that when you face a problem, you can't turn to your manager for help or pass on the fault on someone else. We are the ones who have the whole responsibility and when there's a problem, we solve it. No matter what it takes. 

- Now that we've been running this company for over a year, we have really learned that other people who are involved in this company do it only for their job only. It's not their whole life like it is for us. Therefore, we can't expect them to notice things and to have the same effort in doing things as we have. We know that now and that's only fair that way. 

- You can't just shot the door of your office, leave everything behind and start the weekend. The business is in your head all the time - it's your life, your baby. We go to the shop, and we see packaging, branding. We take the tube and we see marketing. We open the phone we see social media... On the other hand, we are a whole lotta better with this now, having time 'off' from working. At the start we would work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Now we have learned to have our days off, and even we spend it together we try not to talk about berries. Sometimes running your own business still means you gotta work over the weekend, spend the night up thinking about things and have days that start at 7am and end at 11pm. We are not moaning though, we love every single second of it (nearly all of it :D) 

- We are a big believers of working hard for your dreams. So even though it may seem like we grow naturally and we keep getting listings all the time. Let us tell you the truth, it has taken a lot of sweat, stress, tears, arguments, emails and heart beats to get where we are now. None, absolutely none of it have been handed to us on a plate. Yes, there's a been a sprinkle of good luck in there too, but mostly it's has required so much work. And more is to come. 

We want to be transparent in everything we do. The products we sell (for instance our products are 100% pure, there's absolutely NO added maltodextrin or sugars as many other berry powder brands out there), we also want to make our production as sustainable as possible, from all the operations to our personalities. Therefore, it would be a lie to say that it's like dancing on clouds to have your own business. Don't get us wrong though, we love love love everything and all about it. The best part of it is that we get to spend every single day with each other. We never forget to laugh, joke around or eat well or have a beer if the situation needs it. 

And mostly, what we want, is to inspire others to reach their dreams. Whatever it is, running a marathon, starting up a business, travelling to the other side of the world, moving to an unknown city, whatever, never stop dreaming and working hard towards your goals. Once you reach it, it might not be as you thought it would be, but it definitely makes you wiser and stronger and it's the journey that matters! As this berry business for us, we now have a master degree of economics self studied!! 

Sorry for a super long text, well done if you made it this far. Hope we made some sense through out the writing and hope you got something out of it. Whatever it is, thanks for being here - a part of this berry journey x  

Love & Light, Eve & Anna