Q&A answers!


It's great to see there's a bunch of people being interested about our journey. And as said before, we want to be transparent, honest and help others as much as possible. We were absolutely thrilled to see so many emails and here's our best possible answers!! 

"A soul mate is not the person who makes you the happiest, but he one that makes you feel the most. Who conducts your heart to bang the loudest.

Do you ever argue or have arguments? Yes, sometimes we get anxious but because we've been friends for so long, we literally know each other so well that we know when to take a step back, shut up, say sorry or walk away. We sometimes also debate quite loud which makes people think that we are having an argument even though we are not. But never we have had a big argument that would have lasted more than a minute and the company is not worth fighting for. We both know that we would pour the berry powders down the loo rather than loose a friend. Priorities. Plus arguing takes up a way too much energy anyways. 

Have you ever regret starting up your own business? Haha, this is a hard one. As we said on the previous blog post, we don't have managers to ask for an advice or help, if there's a problem, we solve it. So there's been a few problems when we thought it would be nice to pass this on to someone else to solve. But those moments last for a flash of a second. So think there's a lot more positives than there are negatives. Plus we've learned so much along the way that even though we would end up pouring the powders down the loo, would never regret the journey. As with everything in life, better live the way there's no need to waste time for such a thing as a regret.

How do you get to talk to the buyers? We've met them on the trade shows we've done, through distributors we are listed with and through start up networks. Getting a meeting booked is probably the hardest bit here! 

What is your diet other than berry powders? Your Instagram feed is lovely. Are you vegans or vegetarians? Thank you so much. We are not vegans even though often we make recipes that are suitable for vegans. It won't harm anyone to cut down on animal products. We believe in balance and sometimes eat fish and eggs. Eve is fully vegetarian but Anna does eat meat, not often though. We eat a lot of fruits, veggies and food that goes well with berry powders such as smoothies and porridge! 

You mentioned that you get a lot of copying from other companies. How do you cope with that? Well, if someone is copying you, you know you're doing something right. You're worth of copying. That's the perspective we try to take. Obviously it is quite frustrating since a few companies are literally trying to 'be us' and really makes us question their marketing skills, but on the other hand, it keeps us going and moving forward. It happens in every industry. 

What motivates you? The fact that we've made it this far already. We are very motivated personalities and don't easily give up. It motivates us that we get to work together, for ourselves and make people's diet healthier a teaspoon by a teaspoon. Learning new and solving challenges is also quite motivating. Life is motivating! 

How have your family, friends and partners reacted to your business? They been very supportive. But think they also know that this is something that we really want, so even though we've made decisions along the way that they might not have seen the 'smartest', it's the sacrifices we have to make and they understand.

Do you miss home? Of course we miss home! But we L O V E London and the energy of the city. However, they could build the houses a slightly better here. It's freeezing inside hrrr.

Are you going to have any new products or berry flavors? Maybe acai powder? Yes, we are constantly looking for new opportunities and flavours, but we wont be offering Acai. We will always stick with the products that are grown wild in the clean nature and are not shipped from across the globe. Also, it's been studied that Arctic berries can have more health benefits compared to Acai anyways. Think our company name says it all.

"In life, nothing ever goes according to plan. And if everything seems like it has it's not the end" 

"Don't think what can  happen in a month. Don't think what can happen in a year. Just focus on the 24 hours in front of you and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be"


Love & Light, Eve & Anna