Great time at BBC Good Food Eat Well Show

We took part to our first exhibition ever at BBC Good Food Eat Well show held in Olympia, London the last weekend (27.2-1.3.) After not knowing what to expect it turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to meet like minded people, see other amazing brands out there and see the newest tips how to cook healthy (great guests included Natasha Corrett, Amelia Freer, Dale Pinnock, The Hemsley sisters and many more) We were lucky enough to be situated right near the main stage too. When not busy selling berry powders to our health conscious berry fans, we tried to have a sneak on what was cooking on the stage. 


The weekend was definitely a lot of work. Every night we stumbled home with legs sore from standing and voice gone from talking too much but most importantly with the happiness of meeting great people sharing the same passion about making the world a bit healthier place! We were overwhelmed with the feedback we got from people about our products too! 

Many Londoners will definitely have a berrier breakfast bowls from now on :) 

Along other great people we got to chat to, we met the most amazing Hemsley+Hemsley sisters! They are such an inspiration!

To recap, definitely a successful weekend with tons of new interesting things to look forward to! THANKS FOR EVERYONE WHO POPPED BY TO SAY HELLO!