We are proud partners of the Real Finnish Santa Claus!


We've been very blessed to have such an important and influential person on board to promote good health, long life and our healthy, pure products - A real Finnish Santa! 

He definitely is the one who knows the secret of long life, shiny beard and how to stay active and well especially around the cold Christmas time! He's also a lover of warming breakfast, traditional porridge and Finnish berries. We thought we are a match made in heaven :) 

The Santa Claus License is an honor to us since many internationally known Finnish brands (Finnair, Finland's national Post office, Iittala and Fiskars, just to name a few) are included in the same portfolio. It is a huge milestone for a young start-up to reach. And we have many things in common as you can see from the below. 

  • Santa is a warm-hearted old fellow from Finland.
  • Santa is a warm-hearted educator who treats all humans and animals equally.
  • Santa wants to encourage happiness and warmth. He also wants to remind everyone that the message of friendship is the most important thing when giving a gift and also that a gift is only one way of showing you care. 
  • Santa lives far away on Korvatunturi in Northern Finland near the Arctic Circle, together with Mrs. Claus and his elves. At the same time, Santa is present everywhere in people’s minds and values. 
Read more here: http://santaclausfinland.fi/en/

So with these good news we would love to wish you, your friends, lovers, family, pets, workmates and all the people that matter to you MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR! 

This year has been amazing, we never thought we would have gotten this far. Thank you for all your support!

Love, Eve & Anna


Here's also a quick recipe for a warming christmas porridge. Enjoy with your wool socks on! :)

2 cups of oats or porridge rice

2 tsp of Ceylon Cinnamon 

1-2 cups of milk or water

1 tsp of Cardemom 

Half cup of grated apple 

1 to 2 teaspoon of Arctic Power Berries LINGONBERRY POWDER

1 almond (meant to bring good luck for the person who gets it) 

1. Mix all the ingredients except the berry powders. Let boil on low heat for about ten minutes. Leave to cool down for a bit, sprinkle nourishing BERRY POWDER on top with your favorite toppings such as nuts, nut butters, fruits and more berry powders.