Cranberry and orange Beauty balls

These balls are packed with flavour and goodness, great for healthy snacks for all the family. The dried cranberries and cranberry powder combined with the orange give them a great sharp sweetness, whilst the pumpkin seeds add a lovely crunch. Full of fibre from the desiccated coconut, protein from the pumpkin seeds, coconut oil to regulate your blood sugar levels, they're a perfect post-workout snack or 4pm energy boost.

I always think that colourful and beautiful food brings so much more joy and appreciation when we eat it. We all know that we should be eating the rainbow every day, getting as many different coloured fruits and vegetables into our diets- the colours represent different phytonutrients and the more we get of these, and the greater variety, the better they are for our health. I've added wonderful Arctic Power Berries cranberry powder to these balls for flavour and colour. The phytonutrients in red foods, like raspberries, pomegranates and cranberries, protect against heart disease and cancer and are good for prostate, urinary tract and DNA health. Cranberries are particularly good for relieving skin conditions and have anti-ageing properties, so that's why I call these my beauty balls! Read more about their amazing health benefits on the Artic Power Berry website.

Orange/ yellow fruits and vegetables, like oranges and sea buckthorn used in this recipe, are good for eye health, immune function and healthy grown and development. Sea buckthorn is also a beauty food with anti-ageing benefits like cranberry and an ability to help to heal burns, skin damage and cuts. So have a go and my beauty balls (and treat yourself to the 'Skin Care Bundle' on the Arctic Power Berry website) and you'll be smiling from the inside out!

Makes about 25 balls

photo 2 (13).JPG

For the balls

100g dried cranberries

Finely grated zest and 50g/ ml juice 1 orange

40g Medjool dates

100g desiccated coconut

100g pumpkin seeds

3 tsp cranberry powder, I use Arctic Power Berries

1/4 tsp Himalayan pink salt

3 tbsp. coconut oil

2 tsp orange extract, I use Steenberg's Organic

To roll the balls

3 tbsp. desiccated coconut

5g each goji berries and dried cranberries, chopped into small pieces

1/2 tbsp. cranberry powder, optional

1/2 tbsp. sea buckthorn powder, optional, also available from Arctic Power Berries

1 tsp raspberry powder, optional, just for a little extra PINKNESS!

To make the balls, place 80g of the cranberries in a food processor with the orange zest and juice and process to chop up the cranberries until they become very small pieces. Add the dates and process again to chop. Add the rest of the ingredients and process until the mix is beginning to stick together. Finally add the remaining 20g cranberries and pulse a few times. Roll the mix into equal sized balls, you should get about 25.

Mix together all of the ingredients for rolling and roll the balls in the colourful coconut mix. Press the coconut mix lightly into the balls. I do this by taking a handful of the rolling mix in the palm of my hand, then take a ball at a time, rubbing it between your hands so that they mix sticks. Some of the mix will fall off, but if you are serving them to friends, you can add a pretty sprinkling of the mix over the balls before serving.

Keep the balls in the fridge for at least a week or freeze them for at least a month. I think these will be especially lovely at Christmas, great snacks and edible gifts... but I loved them so much when I made them a few weeks ago, I couldn't wait till December to sh

are the recipe with you! Anyway, this gives you time to get prepared and maybe treat yourself to some lovely cranberry powder from Arctic Power Berries... and some of their sea buckthorn powder too! They're not only great in recipes, but lovely sprinkled on cereal, porridge, muesli and smoothies.



Thank you Henrietta from: Check out more of her tasty recipes through the link above. Have a lovely week y'all!