A few tasty reasons to visit London!

Hi there! 

The ones who don't know yet, we've lived in London for four years now. It definitely has become our second home. London is a city that is constantly alive, the street are buzzing with people, the red double deckers drive pass 24/7, the sirens are more a norm than exception and the new cafes, restaurants and pop ups keep the city feel alive and vibrant

London has its challenges, as well as opportunities. The flats can be falling apart with prices higher than a penthouse in some other cities, but then meeting new people hasn't never been more interesting. The metropolis is full of people across the globe bringing in their cultures, habits, local tastes and styles. 

Eating out definitely is the best part of London. Any food you can ever imagine is available here. It's fresh, authentic and quite cheap. We're going to cover five of our favorite lunching spots in London. They are places definitely worth of paying a visit! 

WHOLEFOODS MARKET, Kensington High Street

This definitely is a health foodie's heaven! Three levels of organic treats from self-serve nut butters to a wall of organic oils. There's something for everyone when it comes to lunching. From delicious salad buffets to authentic Vietnamese. The smoothie and coffee bar is great as well and you surely must enjoy a slice of raw cake when there! 



This lunch place is a heaven on earth. While you're enjoying your refreshing smoothie and home made vegan meals you can spot world known fashionistas and celebrities. Sometimes this place is very busy and finding a table can be a bit hard, but it is totally worth of a wait. They also use our BERRY POWDERS in some of their heavenly creations so there's another reason to go! 


NAMA FOODS, Notting Hill 

If you are after meals without gluten, dairy, soy or sugar look no further. This place serves meals and cakes which are raw and vegan but still taste unbelievable good. Nama Foods is located in the heart of Notting Hill so shopping spree after lunching is ideal too. The best gluten free lasagne ever eaten was at Nama's! 



Definitely the best venue if you're after a long lunch with a friend. You can start of with a warm soup and a fresh homemade sandwich but remember to leave room for the most delicious cakes and cookies they serve. They also play a great music which almost makes you want to stay for night, only if they served alcohol :D


THE BLUE LEGUME, Islington/ Crouch End/ Stoke Newington

After your first visit, you'll go back. Everything on their menu and display sounds so good that it will take an hour to make up your mind. Its okay though, while you decide you can enjoy a freshly squeezed juice. The Mediterranean breakfast is a safe choice, it's a plate full of perfect eggs, halloumi, toast and greens. A great start for the day! 



So they are just a few tips. Can't cover more because there are so many lovely places and new ones opening in weekly basis! 

Anna luckily is a pretty mean cook and she makes killer eggs. Sometimes it is the best to cook at home, stay in warm bed and spin some healthy smoothies with a help of antioxidant - boosting berry powders!