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Running after your dreams! Espoo Marathon 2014!

"Some people say I'm a hopeless dreamer, but without all my dreams I'm nothing. You must have the courage to keep on dreaming, because if you really want something, it just might come true one day. So let your dreams always fly high" 


Doing your personal best, pushing your limits and having the adrenaline fly high! Even if it is finishing a good book, knitting your very first beanie or running a marathon, don't settle for less than what you can dream of. Because, the feeling once you achieve it, IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD!


Finishing Espoo Coastal Marathon was the dream of mine. I had a great weather on my side, on a route passing through beautiful scenery of Finnish nature while the sea breeze was blowing on my sweaty face. Moving a leg after each other, finally stepping over the finish line and leaving those 42 kilometers behind me!

Unbelievable feeling!


Running a marathon is not only about a good fitness or strong mindset, a healthy carbohydrate diet plays a huge part of giving those hard working legs enough energy to burn. An oatmeal with berry powder is a great meal before your workout, giving you good level of vitamins, carbs and other nutrients! We need to give our body a good fuel to keep us going!


Here's good natural sport drink for your work outs too:

7 dl water (half coconut water if you wish)

half tsp of sea salt

tsp of honey

tsp of blueberry powder