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Trip to Lofoten, Norway

Let's dive into breathtaking beautiful landscapes!

Lofoten is a group of islands just off the Northwest coast of Norway. The magical view is like driving inside a postcard: The scenery around is surrounded by rugged mountains, turquoise water, and fjords one after another. It is like a fairy tale where arctic landscapes combine to white sandy beaches and where giant waterfalls and wild sheep still exist. 

Narrow roads seem quite spectacular as they wind by the coast line and mountain walls in between the flords. They may suddenly dive through enormously long tunnels through the mountains and lead through idyllic fishing villages with cute and colourful wooden houses.

There are some scenic beaches around the islands. To some of them you can drive to and to some of them you need to get your legs into a bit of work. Seasonal storms bring waves to some of the beaches which makes them popular among surfers. 


What a magnificent place.