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Restaurant Day at Helsinki-Vantaa airport

Arctic Power Berry pop up smoothie bar at Helsinki-Vantaa airport 17th of August 2014!


Restaurant Day at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport - Video by FINAVIA 


Restaurant Day is a day when Helsinki comes alive. It's a day when anyone can set up a restaurant to serve their personal favorites and tasty specialities and there are restaurants popping up in every street corner -from hot chillies to delicious cupcakes. It's great!

We did banana smoothies boosted with CRANBERRY and SEA BUCKTHORN berry powders and raw, vegan date/walnut/SEA BUCKTHORN/coconut bliss balls!

We were hoping to get the Finnish clean nature and its treasures introduced to foreign tourists and that is why we chose to set up a stall at Helsinki-Vantaa airport, inside Terminal 2 gate area.

The streets of Helsinki were busy with hungry people.

The streets of Helsinki were busy with hungry people.

"Restaurant Day is a food carnival created by thousands of people organizing and visiting one-day restaurants worldwide. The idea of the day is to have fun, share new food experiences and enjoy our common living environments together"

We had an awesome day. Nice people and the whole environment.

A family loved our refreshing smoothies after a long flight from Japan. They liked the whole idea of people setting up restaurants at the airport just as everywhere else in town. Flight attendants stopped by with their scooters in between flights to grab a snack on the go.  

An asian lady gave a go for a date-coconut swiss ball and soon came back for another. Five minutes later came back asking for a box for those eight more balls she wanted to take on a flight with her. Sweet and healthy.

Thanks Finavia for making this possible for the first time at Helsinki-Vantaa airport!

We will definitely come again!