"To move, to breathe, to fly, to float. To gain all while you give. To roam the roads. To travel is to live."


Three days back in London and it feels like Australia happened a year ago. Except the little tan we succeeded to gain over the three weeks of beach hangs and surf sessions. It is a long way to go for such a short period of time, but we definitely made the best out of it. Seeing all our old friends and meeting new inspiring people can't be measured in miles or in money. Plus stocking up the vitamin D for upcoming winter was definitely worth it. 

So one chapter of our journey consists a period of soaking up the sun in Australia about five years ago. It definitely was the time to go back to make new memories instead of recounting the old ones. And so we did! It is incredible how much you can fit into three weeks!


So it all started from Sydney, the home of beautiful beaches, gorgeous Opera house and friendly people. A week of catching up with friends (not going to lie, there were some cloudy apple ciders involved) went quick, but left our belly muscles sore from laughing. A short plane ride and we were running away from the heat in Brisbane which involved even more friends and apple ciders. It was all too much fun, letting our hair hang down, feeling the rays of sunshine on our skin and our toes in the sand shared with beautiful friends by our side. 

What surprised us was the amount of health shops: Bliss balls, fresh fruits, gluten free muesli bars, organic cakes and freshly squeezed juices everywhere. We would love to sell some berry powders there, seems like Australians really do look after their well being. And what's a better way of doing so than adding some healthy berry powder to those already healthy treats to double up the goodness! 


So after nearly three weeks of enjoying life, the to-do list in our brains was growing too long and it was time for the longest plane ride back to Europe. It is crazy how much longer the trip back feels compared to our way there, when the excitement levels are topped up. We made it back just before the magnificent Scandinavian christmas markets in London, where Arctic Power Berries will be having a stall this upcoming weekend. 

Life is all about balance, after the trip of letting go, it is nice to get back to the routine, sprinkle the healthy berry powders to our hearty porridges and run away from the cold to do some hot yoga. Luckily we have a lot of seabuckthorn powder to enjoy which is known for it's ability to detox, cleanse and give your hair and skin a healthy glow - wash away all those apple ciders consumed. 

So that's it, hope to see you at the Christmas markets! What's a better gift for the loved ones than a bag of healthiness! Or why not to use the berry powder in Christmas baking! Or if you're having too many christmas parties, sprinkle some berry antioxidants to your breakfast to give your body a little bit of love and care. 


- Eve

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