Arctic Power Berries Sea Buckthorn powder


INGREDIENTS 100% Pure, frozen sea buckthorn berries (Hippophae rhamnoides). 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION    Sea buckthorn powder is prepared from the whole berry (skin, seed, juice and pulp) and does not contain any other ingredients.

NUTRITIONAL FACTS          Nutritional information based upon averages of analyses. Nutritional information may be effected by the natural fluctuation in the raw ingredient itself due to different growing conditions.

Nutrient content per 100g


Energy                     489 kcal / 2045 kJ       

Protein                     13g

Carbohydrates        24g

- Of which sugar      14g (only natural sugar from the berry)  

Nutritional fibre        28g

Fat                             25g – of which saturates 4g


Vitamins and trace elements per 100 g


Vitamin A                      < 21 μg

Vitamin C                      110 mg

Vitamin E                       26 mg

Vitamin K1                       21 μg

Phosphorus                    155 mg

Iodine                            < 0,01 mg

Kalium                             990 mg

Calcium                           70 mg

Copper                           0,51 mg

Magnesium                      55 mg

Manganese                      0,8 mg

Sodium                            22 mg

Iron                                  2,7 mg

Sulphur                           67 mg

Selenium                       0,006 mg

Zinc                                 1,0 mg

ORAC value                   22500± 2500μmol TE/100g

 RAW                                         The powders are a vital raw food - berry drying is done under 40 C so that their nutritional values are preserved in the best possible form.

GMO                                        This product is not GMO nor contains GMO parts. Preparation does not include GMO- technology.

ALLERGENS                        Does not contain allergens according the regulation (EU) No 1169/2011.

STORAGE                    15 – 20 C dry room temperature; protected from light.

STORAGE TIME           24 months from date of grinding with correct storage.

SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS   Do not freeze. Do not store in wet or humid room/transport conditions. Keep dry.

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